Tuesday, March 7, 2017

History # 2

1. It was taken one morning in 1838 in Paris France. 
2. This image was taken by Louis-Jacques Mandé Daguerre 
3. This was the first photograph of a human 
                  Boulevard du temple daguerre

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


                                                      Image by: Andrew Mcconnell
Q: What interest you most about this work of art?
This image is one that captured my attention for many reasons, the main one being how it seems to be a place of poverty and isolation. Small yet full of spirit and humble people. In the back there are two kids that seem to be carrying some sort of buckets.Up closer, there is a kid in mid air flipping into the water while another one watches him by the edge of the patio above. Even when life is not full of riches and materialistic things, they find a way to have fun.
Q:Why do you think other people should see this photograph?
I believe everyone should see this photograph, especially those here in the United States. So that they are able to see it and be touched by it. At first glance it may seem simple and not of much importance. But in reality, it has a really big message. Them living in what seems to be a third world country and not in the best conditions, still manage to be full of zeal and find entertainment and happiness. Not worrying about the things they don't have and making the most of what they do. Because what they do have, is all they truly know about. It should make those who see it be so much more grateful for all the things they posses that these kids may never even have a chance to look at.
Q:How would you describe the people in this picture? Are they like you or different?
The people in this image are very different from me. Based on what can be seen, there are some of them doing chores, other swimming, and yet others just sitting on some stairs. The small amount of water they are using to swim in is not much and something that because of my pride, I would never want to get into. They seem to make the most of what they have and not complain about what has been provided for them. I however, am the complete opposite. Always complaining about what I don't have and what I do, wanting more and never satisfied. Both in appearance and personality, I am very distinct from these kids.

Thursday, February 16, 2017



1. When/where was the photo made?
Made in 1827 in France 2. Who made it?
Joseph Nicephore Niepce 3. What is the significance of it?
First photo made